The College of Medicine is Undergoing Assessment by an International Organization


The College of Medicine is Undergoing Assessment by an International Organization

On February 4th, 2024, the University of Sulaimani welcomed a team from the World Federation of Medical Education for the evaluation and accreditation of its College of Medicine. The delegation, which included six international experts and one Iraqi expert, commenced their visit by meeting with university officials, including Prof. Dr. Kosar M.Ali, the university president, vice presidents, the dean of the College of Medicine, the Director of Quality Assurance, and the Director of the Coordination Center and Society. The university officials extended a warm welcome to the delegation.

Throughout their visit, the delegation meticulously examined the halls and laboratories of the medical college. Engaging with numerous lecturers and students provided them with valuable insights, enabling a thorough understanding of the college’s facilities, teaching approaches, and the overall environment.
Their next undertaking in the evaluation process involves visiting the affiliated hospitals of the university on February 5th, 2024. Following these visits and assessments, the delegation will compile a comprehensive report that will subsequently be submitted to the World Federation of Medical Education.



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Workshop held on developing ESG standards in Bologna Process

On March 7th, 2024, Assist. Prof. Dr. Ava Omar Fatah Director of Quality Assurance and Curriculum Development and Mrs. Rezhin Sarbast Majeed as a member of Quality Assurance and Curriculum Development participated in a workshop organized by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, in collaboration with the Quality Assurance Agency to review and develop guidelines on quality assurance according to the European Quality Assurance Standards (ESG) under the title (Developing Standards and Guidelines of Quality Assurance for Kurdistan Region Universities in light of ESG) in Tishk International University. The workshop was attended by the Chairman and members of the Ministry’s High Committee for Review and Design of ESG-based Quality Assurance System and a significant number of teachers from public and private universities in the Kurdistan Region Experts in the field of quality assurance and the Bologna Process were present. The aim of this workshop was to reform and make changes in the quality assurance system of higher education institutions and link it to European quality assurance guidelines and standards Type of all academic, scientific and administrative activities in educational institutions. In an article, Dr. Mohammed Hussein Ahmad, Head of the Supervision and Quality Assurance Agency of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and Head of the High Committee for Drafting Guidelines on Quality Assurance based on European ESG guidelines and standards. He mentioned that the Ministry has unveiled its strategy for implementing the Bologna Process in Kurdistan’s universities and has exerted significant efforts to ensure its success. Emphasizing the need for European Standards and Guidelines (ESG) to be adapted to the culture of the Kurdistan Region, he highlighted the involvement of universities, faculty, students, and other stakeholders in this process. Furthermore, he highlighted the Ministry’s ongoing efforts in developing ESG-based quality assurance standards and guidelines, urging all educational institutions under the Ministry to enhance the implementation of the Bologna Process based on these guidelines. This workshop, part of the activities of the High Committee for Drafting Guidelines on Quality Assurance, chaired by the Supervision and Quality Assurance Agency, underscores the commitment to aligning with European quality assurance standards.


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