On May 27th, 2024, in the presence of the Minister of Higher Education Dr. Aram Mohammed Qadir and Assist. Prof. Dr. Ava Omar Fatah Director of Quality Assurance and Curriculum Development,  A training course on the implementation of European and international quality assurance (ESG) standards was held. In order to establish a quality assurance system based on European and international quality assurance (ESG) standards, a training course (TOT)  was held for the committee to draft guidelines, guidelines and quality assurance standards.

In his speech, the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, while congratulating the organizers and preparers of this training course, briefly discussed the quality assurance process in the Ministry of Higher Education and establishing a quality assurance system that supports European and international quality assurance standards He presented the situation in Kurdistan.
In his speech, the Minister of Higher Education said: This training course is a golden opportunity for the participants to become trainers in the implementation of the ESG Bologna Process, which we hope to conduct various courses, seminars and conferences for our universities.
In a speech, Dr. Mohammed Hussein, Chairman of the Quality Assurance and Supervision Agency and Chairman of the Committee. In order to develop guidelines for quality assurance, he pointed out the steps to start the project, which is to obtain an international fund by the Supervisory and Quality Assurance Agency for this project with the cooperation and coordination of Spark International. In another part of the course, several topics were presented and discussed by international trainers.


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On May 21st, 2024, the Directorate of Quality Assurance and Curriculum Development organized a meeting supervised by Assistant Professor Dr. Ava Omar Fatah, Director of the Directorate. The meeting began with a discussion of APPRAIS (Governance, Quality, Accountability: a Piloting Reform Process in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq), a European Commission, Erasmus+, KA2 project for Capacity-building in the Field of Higher Education. The project has been funded with support from the European Union. Following that, a new software for managing quality assurance in research, the third mission, and student services was introduced, which is the outcome of the project. It assists academic staff in their research, quality assurance, and student service work, while aiding administrative staff in organizing faculty, staff, and student tasks. The software also includes teacher portfolios and Continuous Academic Development (CAD). The meeting was attended by those teachers from colleges and centers who have chosen to collect data about lecturers, students, and courses to upload to the software. Additionally, the practical and demonstrated part of the software was discussed by Rezhin Sarbast Majeed, who works as the software administrator.


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On March 10th, 2024, On the occasion of Kurdish Clothes Day, the Directorate of Quality Assurance and Curriculum Development commemorated this day and wearing Kurdish clothes, because we believe that these clothes are a national symbol of our people and we should pay more attention to keep them alive among us.


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On March 7th, 2024, Assist. Prof. Dr. Ava Omar Fatah Director of Quality Assurance and Curriculum Development and Mrs. Rezhin Sarbast Majeed as a member of Quality Assurance and Curriculum Development participated in a workshop organized by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, in collaboration with the Quality Assurance Agency to review and develop guidelines on quality assurance according to the European Quality Assurance Standards (ESG) under the title (Developing Standards and Guidelines of Quality Assurance for Kurdistan Region Universities in light of ESG) in Tishk International University. The workshop was attended by the Chairman and members of the Ministry’s High Committee for Review and Design of ESG-based Quality Assurance System and a significant number of teachers from public and private universities in the Kurdistan Region Experts in the field of quality assurance and the Bologna Process were present. The aim of this workshop was to reform and make changes in the quality assurance system of higher education institutions and link it to European quality assurance guidelines and standards Type of all academic, scientific and administrative activities in educational institutions. In an article, Dr. Mohammed Hussein Ahmad, Head of the Supervision and Quality Assurance Agency of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and Head of the High Committee for Drafting Guidelines on Quality Assurance based on European ESG guidelines and standards. He mentioned that the Ministry has unveiled its strategy for implementing the Bologna Process in Kurdistan’s universities and has exerted significant efforts to ensure its success. Emphasizing the need for European Standards and Guidelines (ESG) to be adapted to the culture of the Kurdistan Region, he highlighted the involvement of universities, faculty, students, and other stakeholders in this process. Furthermore, he highlighted the Ministry’s ongoing efforts in developing ESG-based quality assurance standards and guidelines, urging all educational institutions under the Ministry to enhance the implementation of the Bologna Process based on these guidelines. This workshop, part of the activities of the High Committee for Drafting Guidelines on Quality Assurance, chaired by the Supervision and Quality Assurance Agency, underscores the commitment to aligning with European quality assurance standards.


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On February 12th, 2024, Assist. Prof. Dr. Ava Omar Fatah Director of Quality Assurance and Curriculum Development had a meeting with the Curriculum Development committees of all Colleges discussed the following agenda:

  1. Monitoring the scheduling of classes across all university departments and colleges, ensuring alignment with designated times and receipt dates for lesson’s plan summaries, and verifying their conformity with (Learning Outcome).
  2. Staying informed about any alterations in ECTS credits and issuing corresponding notifications.
  3. Clarifying and managing committee matters within the Bologna software system.


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On February 11th, 2024, Assist. Prof. Dr. Ava Omar Fatah Director of Quality Assurance and Curriculum Development had a meeting with the Head of Quality Assurance from various colleges within our university to address several matters regarding the enhancement of our quality assurance processes. During the meeting Dr.Ava Omar Fattah led discussions on the following agenda:

  1. Ensuring the availability of classrooms for all subjects in preparation for the upcoming semester.
  2. Implementing new quality assurance software to streamline our operations.
  3. Collecting course and instructor information for feedback purposes for the upcoming semester.
  4. Proposing the establishment of a university-level committee to develop guidelines for participation in online activities.
  5. Updating teachers on news and developments within the quality assurance system.
  6. Monitoring the feedback rates across colleges and departments to gauge engagement levels.


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On December 3rd, 2023, the University of Sulaimani, under the esteemed supervision of Dr. Ava Omar Fattah, Director of Teaching Quality Assurance and Curriculum Development, actively participated in the inaugural meeting of Kurdistan universities. This event, organized by the University of Salahaddin, revolved around the motivating theme of “Search for Knowledge and Invention.” Notably, the students from the University of Sulaimani showcased two outstanding graduation projects during the gathering.
The first project, carried out in the field of science within the Department of Physics, College of Science, garnered attention under the expert guidance of Dr. Shujahadeen Bakir Aziz. Entitled “Study of Optical Properties of Some Optical Parameters of PEO Polymer Electrolyte Inserted with Transition Metal Salt,” the project showcased the adept execution by graduate students, including Sharia Rahel Anwar, Shangar Jabar Jamal, Shano Sherko Osman, and Rezha Jamal Arif.
The subsequent exploration, within the field of humanities, featured representatives from the University of Sulaimani’s College of Languages, Department of English. Under the supervision of Dr. Saza Ahmed Fakhri , the compelling project, titled “A Computational Linguistic Study of Natural Language Processing in Replacing Human’s Career in the Future,” was presented by Bwar Mustafa Ali Karm and Blind Mustafa Majid.


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On December 4, 2023, Dr. Ava Omer Fatah Director of Directorate of Quality Assurance and Curriculum Development has participated in the final conference of the APPRAIS project, the conference was held at the conference hall of Erbil’s Ramada Hotel. The event was organized by the Supervisory Agency for Quality Assurance in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in collaboration with the Italian UNIMED Organization. Notable attendees included the representative of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, general managers, various university presidents, their assistants, and quality assurance personnel.

In addition to presenting various facets of the project, a series of panel discussions covered the preliminary steps, challenges, and strategies necessary for successful implementation within the universities of the Kurdistan Region.
The APPRAIS project, initiated by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, secured significant funding of 1,000,000 euros from the European Union in 2020. The University of Sulaimani has actively participated in the project since its inception. With a primary focus on university governance, the project emphasizes Quality Assurance to uphold academic standards, ensure student learning outcomes, and enhance local and global competitiveness. Notably, the APPRAIS project aims to modernize management systems in universities and higher education institutions in the Kurdistan Region through strategic planning, Quality Assurance, and the implementation of Bologna processes, striving for tangible advancements.



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On February 4th, 2024, the University of Sulaimani welcomed a team from the World Federation of Medical Education for the evaluation and accreditation of its College of Medicine. The delegation, which included six international experts and one Iraqi expert, commenced their visit by meeting with university officials, including Prof. Dr. Kosar M.Ali, the university president, vice presidents, the dean of the College of Medicine, the Director of Quality Assurance, and the Director of the Coordination Center and Society. The university officials extended a warm welcome to the delegation.

Throughout their visit, the delegation meticulously examined the halls and laboratories of the medical college. Engaging with numerous lecturers and students provided them with valuable insights, enabling a thorough understanding of the college’s facilities, teaching approaches, and the overall environment.
Their next undertaking in the evaluation process involves visiting the affiliated hospitals of the university on February 5th, 2024. Following these visits and assessments, the delegation will compile a comprehensive report that will subsequently be submitted to the World Federation of Medical Education.



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