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The APPRAIS project, coordinated by UNIMED (Mediterranean Universities Union), in which the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research KRG was involved as a Full Partner in the past 3 years, together with 8 Kurdish universities and 4 European HEIs. The project APPRAIS, co-funded by the European Union as a Capacity Building project, addressed the topics of governance, strategic planning and quality assurance of higher education institutions, with a particular focus on enhancing the capacities of university staff members to adopt and implement the Bologna Process.

Within the framework of the project implementation, the colleagues from European universities have developed a MOOC, composed of 6 modules on the main project topics, with the scope of empowering Kurdish staff to implement Bologna Process practices. Being aware of the crucial importance of providing your academic and administrative staff with continuous learning and capacity building on Bologna Process principles and practices to properly implement it, we deeply believe that this tool represents an important opportunity of training your university staff and we esteem it of pivotal importance as one of the main good results of the APPRAIS project, to be further shared with non-partner universities.

The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research KRG thinks the APPRAIS MOOC is a highly valuable training resource for Kurdish universities and highly encourage your institution to disseminate the MOOC within your academic and administrative staff, and to encourage your staff members to take full advantage of the training materials developed by the European colleagues, based on their long-lasting and solid experience in implementing the Bologna Process over the years. The MOOC content is available in English, and in some cases resources have been translated to Kurdish language.

Kindly find more information on MOOC at this link:

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