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The Directorate of Teaching Quality Assurance has officially started its activities in 2010. It has successfully functioned so far and has had a positive impact on the process of education.
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Director’s Word

Welcome to the Directorate of Quality Assurance and Curriculum Development at the University of Sulaimani. As the director, I am honored to lead a dedicated team committed to improving the quality of education at our esteemed institution.
Our goal is to enhance the quality of education by attaining a position of distinction that not only establishes our institution as a leader in the nation but also endeavors to improve our global university ranking. We are focused on continuous improvement, collaborating with faculty, departments, and colleges to ensure that our educational programs meet the highest standards.
Our dedication to providing students with a vibrant and enriching learning experience is at the center of our efforts. We seek to equip students for success in a fast-changing world through rigorous curriculum development, proactive quality assurance procedures, and a commitment to staying updated on educational developments.
I welcome you to learn more about our initiatives, programs, and the collaborative attitude that characterizes our directorate. Let us work together to create a future in which education has no boundaries and our university is a symbol of academic excellence.

Thank you for being part of our journey.

Dr. Ava Omar Fatah

Assistant Professor
Director, Directorate of Quality Assurance and Curriculum Development

About Us

Who We Are

The Directorate of Teaching Quality Assurance has officially started its activities in 2010. It has successfully functioned so far and has had a positive impact on the process of education. The Directorate has an active role in improving educational process, enhancing students’ scientific abilities, and improving the educational capabilities of the teaching staff. This is achieved by the means of a number of mechanisms suggested by the Ministry as well as other faithful people to the TQA process.

Our Vision

To be a center of excellence in curriculum development and internal quality assurance, fostering continuous improvement in educational programs.

Our Mission

Improve the quality of education at the University of Sulaimani to maintain its position as the top institution in the country and raise its global university rating.


1. Program Development: Implement and continuously enhance educational programs that align with the highest standards, promoting academic excellence.

2. Operational Excellence: Ensure efficient functioning of the Directorate, collaborate with college departments, and facilitate seamless coordination within the university.

3. Continuous Improvement: Embrace a cyclical process of curriculum development, course reviews, subject outlines, and assessment methods, fostering an environment of continual enhancement.

4. Professional Development: Facilitate ongoing training and development for faculty, emphasizing the importance of staying current with advancements in their respective fields.

5. External Recognition: Aim to achieve recognition and improve university rankings by actively engaging in conferences, workshops, and building collaborations with other schools.

6. Quality Assurance: Implement robust quality assurance mechanisms, including student feedback, external assessment, and continuous academic development, to ensure and enhance educational quality.
Who We Are

Latest Activity


The University of Sulaimani Presented two Graduation Projects During the Meeting of Kurdistan Universities.

On December 3rd, 2023, the University of Sulaimani, under the esteemed supervision of Dr. Ava Omar Fattah, Director of Teaching Quality Assurance and Curriculum Development, actively participated in the inaugural meeting of Kurdistan universities. This event, organized by the University of Salahaddin, revolved around the motivating theme of “Search for Knowledge and Invention.” Notably, the students from the University of Sulaimani showcased two outstanding graduation projects during the gathering.
The first project, carried out in the field of science within the Department of Physics, College of Science, garnered attention under the expert guidance of Dr. Shujahadeen Bakir Aziz. Entitled “Study of Optical Properties of Some Optical Parameters of PEO Polymer Electrolyte Inserted with Transition Metal Salt,” the project showcased the adept execution by graduate students, including Sharia Rahel Anwar, Shangar Jabar Jamal, Shano Sherko Osman, and Rezha Jamal Arif.
The subsequent exploration, within the field of humanities, featured representatives from the University of Sulaimani’s College of Languages, Department of English. Under the supervision of Dr. Saza Ahmed Fakhri , the compelling project, titled “A Computational Linguistic Study of Natural Language Processing in Replacing Human’s Career in the Future,” was presented by Bwar Mustafa Ali Karm and Blind Mustafa Majid.


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The Execution of the APPRAIS Project at Universities has been Successfully Completed by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research

On December 4, 2023, Dr. Ava Omer Fatah Director of Directorate of Quality Assurance and Curriculum Development has participated in the final conference of the APPRAIS project, the conference was held at the conference hall of Erbil’s Ramada Hotel. The event was organized by the Supervisory Agency for Quality Assurance in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in collaboration with the Italian UNIMED Organization. Notable attendees included the representative of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, general managers, various university presidents, their assistants, and quality assurance personnel.

In addition to presenting various facets of the project, a series of panel discussions covered the preliminary steps, challenges, and strategies necessary for successful implementation within the universities of the Kurdistan Region.
The APPRAIS project, initiated by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, secured significant funding of 1,000,000 euros from the European Union in 2020. The University of Sulaimani has actively participated in the project since its inception. With a primary focus on university governance, the project emphasizes Quality Assurance to uphold academic standards, ensure student learning outcomes, and enhance local and global competitiveness. Notably, the APPRAIS project aims to modernize management systems in universities and higher education institutions in the Kurdistan Region through strategic planning, Quality Assurance, and the implementation of Bologna processes, striving for tangible advancements.



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Evaluation and Feedback

Student Feedback

This is one of the mechanisms that indicate teaching staff qualifications. Students are given feedback forms containing a list of questions and asked to provide their feedback on the qualifications of their teaching staff according to a specified range (from 1-5). Student feedbacks can be an indicative of the teaching competence and performance of the teaching staff.

Student Feedback

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